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Kaeli’s Story

 We also looked into alternative ways to help her. We read about Schroth online and we were connected with groups around the world. We didn’t have access to it here yet, so, we put a team of specialists together to help her with exercises, strengthening and breathing. After 1 year, lots of appointments and lots of work at home, her spine had straightened so much that the Scoliosis specialists decided she didn’t have to wear a brace anymore. 

At around age 10, we noticed that when she was singing, she wasn’t breathing right. We went to another specialist who said she was breathing and walking wrong, because of wearing the brace. She had to re-learn to walk and breathe properly so as to not cause any more damage. She worked and worked to get better.


 At the age of 12, Kaeli was at a summer camp and ended up in two very serious accidents which caused severe concussions. This was just the beginning of another long road of healing. Her curves actually worsened over the next couple years and so there was talk about the possibility of having to go back into a brace. This really scared her, however, she got back to work with her physiotherapist and osteopath, and thankfully the curves stabilized and by the age of 16, they determined that she was finished growing and she was released from the Scoliosis clinic! 

 She still has chronic pain and cannot do just anything, however, with the help of so many, she can do what she loves and that is sing! We are so thankful for all the amazing specialists and friends and family who walked with us through those years and many still do! We are now working to bring more awareness to Scoliosis, particularly early detection, because that is what made all the difference for her, as well as now, living with it as she grows into adulthood. 

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