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Scoliosis Alberta Society is a grassroots organization who have been brought together by their personal experiences and passion about scoliosis education, awareness and social connections.  Founded in Edmonton, Alberta by patient, clinical and research community members, their shared stories of diagnosis, treatment, and living with and around scoliosis inspired the Scoliosis Alberta Society mission to provide support and education to those affected by scoliosis. 

Starting with the positive community’s feedback to family information nights hosted by the clinic staff and supported by Northern Alberta Benefit Society for Scoliosis, the two organizations partnered closely to expand the informational booklets and family nights to include a social media presence, Scoliosis Awareness month family picnics and Facebook groups.   

In 2019, Scoliosis Alberta Society and Northern Alberta Benefit Society for Scoliosis merged under the Scoliosis Alberta banner and continues to develop projects is support of the Scoliosis education and awareness.  In addition, as a registered charity many ideas to better support the community are able to be funded through fundraising, grants and donation.  The society also continues to fund local Scoliosis Research that is reviewed among the broader international scoliosis community. 

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